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Transportation can be summed up as the movement of goods from one place to the other. But when the goods in question are of valuables and costs a lot of money, the variables associated with its transport changes. Suddenly the importance of a trusted transportation facilitator becomes increasingly evident. Pedraza Customhouse brokers offer our clients with a complete package of services that caters to all the requirements that arise from point A to point B.

Why a transport facilitator

The need for a dedicated transportation facilitator is the might seem unnecessary at first, but people who have experience in trade will agree on the contrary. Cross country transportation of goods involves a lot of risks and having the aid of professionals at each point of the transport ensures the safe movement of goods.

Pedraza Customhouse Brokers provides our clients with such services using expert transport facilitators. Availing our transportation facilitation services ensures that the clients can have a peace of mind since the transport of their goods are overseen by a trained professional who have a keen eye for identifying logistical inconsistencies. Our team of experts make sure that everything goes according to plan and contingency measures are put in place to face any adverse situations that might come in the way of an efficient transport structure.

Our services can be briefly summed up as:

  • Customer oriented transport measures
  • A wide mesh of nodes for effortless correspondence
  • Trade options that increase quality whilst reducing cost
  • Business practices that follow international trade formalities
  • Harmonization of transport procedures

The transport industry offers many standalone services to importers and exporters. When we carefully reviewed the use cases we understood that hiring a standalone company for trade facilitation and another company for transport facilitation increases the overall complexities dramatically. What we wanted to do with our services is to increase the possibilities while reducing the hardships that come with the process. The result of our efforts was realized with an in-house transportation & logistics team.

With the help of our transportation wing, our clients can enjoy privileges that are no found with any other brokerages.

Choose us to take all your transportation worries away

Pedraza Customhouse Brokers provides premium transportation facilitation services that are a cut above the competition. With our in-house logistics division and efficient trade management, we have managed to culminate in both trade and transport under one banner.

Our services include but are not restricted to:

  • Sourcing of required equipment for loading & unloading purposes pertaining to goods of any dimensions
  • Regular and timely updates on carrier position and status
  • Carrier negotiation to procure the best prices
  • Promptly notifying respective superiors in case of emergencies or transport complications
  • Recruitment of new carriers to offer the clients the best prices, always
  • Dawning the role of a mediator in cases of conflict regarding payments, claims or other issues

With our customer friendly services, we have managed to gain the trust of clients all over the world. Seeing the results paying off with increased customer satisfaction and ever-increasing clientele, we have never stopped innovating. We use modern technologies with tried and tested business practices to make sure that the whole system works like a well-oiled machine.

The benefits of choosing us as your trade facilitator are;

Best in class network features: We understand that goods transportation is much more than just getting things from Point A to Point B. There are a variety of factors that come in between which needs utmost care. Pedraza Customhouse brokers have been in the field of international trade for more than 25 years. All the years of first-hand trade expertise in helping clients helped us garner in-depth knowledge in every aspect of trade and transportation. We developed a wide network among carriers, facilitators and government institutions to help our clients with all their transportation needs.

 Responsive and intuitive logistics support: Our logistic operations team are steadfast in their tasks. They also ensure that the clients are updates on their shipments without delay. We track shipments from their point of documentation to their destination. At each step of the process, experts from Pedraza Customhouse Brokers will be monitoring the status of the goods. In an event where complications arise, the logistics team will inform the concerned parties and do whatever necessary to solve the problems.

Border crossing facilitators: Every country in the world has their own laws and regulations when it comes to getting anything out or into their territory. A good transport facilitator must have in depth knowledge in the laws that pertain to different countries. It will ensure that the transits operate within the legal framework of the respective countries.               

TIR Streamlining: TIR is synonymous with easy and hassle free trade experience. By using TIR, the goods can be transported from one point to another whilst keeping the client up to date on all the whereabouts of their shipment. The customs to customs tracking makes sure that the packages in transit doesn’t end up in a myriad of border and patrol checks. We can help you get your packages in time without any holdups.

Advanced “Time/cost-Distance” Methodology: We follow a very time and cost efficient methodology when it comes to international trade. This helps our clients to save on time and money without sacrificing on volume or consistency. With this methodology, we plan ahead to account for any obstacles that may come in the way of the transit. Then counter measures are kept ready to facilitate a smooth trade experience.

Pedraza Customhouse Brokers: The best in business

We, Pedraza Customhouse brokers are always ready to take up new challenges that arise in the world of international trade. We are also aware of the fact that not many companies or importers can claim that they have had a trustful transport facilitator. We hope to change that as our services are structured in such a way that we can offer our clients with utmost support in their international and domestic business endeavours.

Trade and transport are two of the main elements that revolutionized the world. It opened up new doors for countries all around the world to connect with each other and progress together. What we do here is culminate both so that you can have an all in one service partner whom you can trust.

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