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Imports and Exports Between the U.S. and Mexico

The U.S. and Mexico share a very prolific relationship in trade. Upon signing the North American Free Trade Agreement, the two contries have benefitted from the economic bond that they share. Many misunderstand the trade relationship between the US and Mexico as one-sided, however, the Imports and exports between the US and Mexico have led to the progression of both the countries.

In 2017 alone, the total trade volume between the two contries amounted to $616 billion. It is a clear indicator that both contries benefit each other with the mutual trade. When dissecting the numbers, it is clear that the overall sum is constituted from the business that is brought in by small to large industries housed in the respective contries.

Pedraza Customhouse brokers have been facilitating smooth trade between U.S. and Mexico for over 25 years. With such hands-on experience, we are adept in handling any condition that bear complications. The complexity of importing goods into the US from Mexico is dependent on the following factors;

  • The type of goods under trade
  • Company profile
  • Prior experience in importing

It is easy to see why new businesses are shying away from exporting goods from Mexico to the US and vice versa. We help new businesses and existing clients to face the import-export situations with ease.

For professional assistance with importing and exporting shipments smoothly between the U.S. and Mexico, turn to Pedraza Customhouse Brokers Inc. for a variety of helpful services.

We will make sure that:

  • Shipments are in compliance with rules and regulations set by CBP
  • Customs bonds are acquired to pay import duties when goods move into the country
  • Items moving in or out of the U.S. meet safety-testing requirements and aren’t prohibited materials

At Pedraza, we take away the complexities of the trade from the client’s shoulders and make a mission to help them realize their trade goals. Importing goods from Mexico to the US sure has its complexities, but we believe that it should not be accounted as a factor that stops a business from growing and subsequently, leading to the development of the respective countries.

Analyzing the data from 2017, Mexico ranks second in the list of countries to where the US exports the most goods. Machinery holds the most turnover in the US to Mexico exports with a value that goes beyond $40 billion.

There are some products that require no tax or duty when entering the US border from Mexico. However, some goods require heavy paperwork, which will be carefully reviewed at the borders by US CBP.


The U.S. to Mexico trade services

Importing any goods from the US to Mexico follows a different approach in documentation and verification. The customs processes in Mexico might seem identical to the U.S methodology in operation. But, there are some country-specific nuances that make all the difference, or in other words, make it increasingly hard for new businesses.

The Mexican import/export regulations start with the “Pedimento de Importación” or Import Petition. This document or form is required for any goods that leave or enter the Mexican border. Additional paperwork includes invoice, duty receipts, bill of landing etc. Goods from North America can avail special treatment using the NAFTA Certificate of Origin certificate. Goods must also pass the verification process by regulatory bodies in Mexico much like that of the U.S. Mexico doesn’t have a dedicated border patrol system like the US.

In essence, the procedures are plenty and it turns into a hectic affair if you do not know your way around Mexican Customs Law. What you need is a professional team to help you through the whole ordeal.

Pedraza Customhouse brokers Inc. specializes in making imports and exports from the US an easy process. We achieve this by employing our experience, networks, and experts to create a seamless system that facilitates easy transactions across borders. We use state of the art electronic and digital systems to streamline complex tasks, increasing overall efficiency and speed in the process.

Our Import and Export Services

Our import and export services pertaining to Mexican logistics provides clients with a simple and effective way to ship goods between the US and Mexico.  We have an extensive network in our logistics division since both regions sport their respective trade laws and regulations.  Therefore, we take meticulous care in getting everything perfect for entry or export.

Our import and export services include:


ABI-automated broker interface and an automated invoice interface


Easy communication with CBP


Faster clearance and fewer inspections


AES certification for shippers’ declarations


Customized plans for fast, efficient movement of goods


Audit for accuracy to ensure no errors are made that could cause shipment delays


Download your HTS and part numbers into a proprietary system for fewer errors


Invoices transmitted via EDI

From the list of industry-leading services, you can notice how we intertwine logistics with digital and modern communication methods. The result is a complete package that helps importers and exporters based in both the US and Mexico to conduct business without any worries.

Pedraza Customhouse Brokers Inc. have developed and perfected our services after reviewing several case studies. It helped us to structure services that clients genuinely need to get their goods off ground. They help the clients to stay updated about their goods in real time and provides a worry-free experience.

Our connections with the CBP gives the clients exclusive access to better border treatment and fast-paced approval of shipments. The Mexican logistics team ensure that every document and certifications are up to the specifications issued by the Mexican government.

Benefits of choosing Pedraza for handling imports and exports between the US and Mexico

  • Robust third-party importer assistance
  • Preparation of all the required documents, licenses and certifications
  • Accurate declaration of values and other specifications
  • Structuring of invoice, ensuring that it encompasses all factors
  • Manage payments so that advance payments can be promptly made
  • Hassle free international trade

Imports and exports between the U.S and Mexico have many nuances that many do not realize. Making sure that every little detail is being covered paves the way for an effortless trade experience between both countries.

Choosing Pedraza Customhouse brokers to represent you provides you a recognizable outlook. We will manage both the front end and back end logistics so the weight of documentation and preparation shifts from the business to our team of logistics experts. This level of customer-oriented approach differentiates Pedraza from the rest. Why risk it when your profits are on the line? Choose Pedraza Customhouse brokers Inc. for the best international trade experience.

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